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Resetter Canon MP 258

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resetter printer
Last night was no obstacle in my printers sob! ngeprint not jammed, what's so wrong has not yet been understood refill. inquired the son inquired finally see a solution that is also a way to reset the printer, the printer that I use canon mp258 following way:
Before Reset printer Canon MP198, MP258, MP276, MP496, MP558, MP568, and MP648 are required to first enter service mode 

Step To enter service mode:
1. Turn off the printer and a USB cable Remove
2. Printer condition off press and hold down the start / stop or resume / cancel
3. press and hold the power button (button start / stop or resume / cancel still pressed) until the green light
4. when green light is lit release the button start / stop or resume / cancel (the power button is pressed)
5. (power button is pressed) press the start / stop or resume / cancel 2 times then release the power button. Wait until the printer LCD displays the number 0 (enol)
6. after the LCD shows the number 0 (enol) reattach the USB cable it. and the computer will detect the new device. (please ignore)
7. resetter ready to run.

how to run resetter:
1. Prepare 2 sheets of paper in the printer
2. Select its USB Port
3. click the "play" on the menu Clear Ink Counter>> The printer will print
4. click the "platen" in the Clear Ink Counter menu>> printer will print again
5. Turn off the printer.
6. Turn on again and the printer is ready for use again
Now could be another printer, can make subsistence for easy photo printing asohe sob! : D

DOWNLOAD : Resetter

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